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A streamer is a person who plays online games live in front of viewers. His or her task is to show the process and chat with viewers while playing and this way create an entertaining and engaging atmosphere. Streamers can play different kinds of games: single player, team, or competitive multiplayer games. Viewers’ comments and especially donations (and sometimes ad revenue) provide income for streamers. Donations help mostly with survival in some specific situations such as purchasing equipment, but not so often with buying skins which aren’t helping players get better performance in-game. It’s common that donation value is low compared to the subscription alternative which encourages users to pay money every month instead of donating one time during the session. So nowadays, we can see a streamer in every family which is why this list of gifts for streamers might come in handy sometimes.

The streaming industry has experienced explosive growth in the past few years. The number of streamers has increased by two to three folds within just a couple of years. It is estimated that there are currently more than 350’000 active streamers. The reason behind this rapid increase was not because the market became larger, but because the number of streamers was divided between more people. This has happened because nowadays, the financial requirement for streaming is low which makes it easier for people to start streaming. Nowadays, there are loads of streamers on Twitch and other streaming platforms due to this reason.

Today, we will talk about some items that can be gifted to new streamers to help them get started with streaming. If you want to help out someone in your family or one of your friends with streaming, then you can gift them one of these items which can help them grow their streaming career. That’s all. Let’s take a look at some of the best items that are really good gifts for streamers.

Gifts For Streamers

  1. Capture Card
  2. Elgato Stream Deck
  3. Microphone
  4. Green Screen
  5. Webcam
  6. Nanoleaf Panels
  7. Ring Light
  8. Graphics Card
  9. Headphones

Capture Card – Elgato HD60 S+ Capture Card

A capture card (video capture card or video grabber) is a piece of hardware that allows you to record gameplay videos. There are several different types of cards available, but they all do basically the same thing. They allow the user to record game footage and audio while freeing up your computer’s resources for other tasks like running games or performing complex editing tasks later on. Capture cards come in many shapes and sizes with varying specifications, depending on their quality. Some cards can even stream content directly to Twitch without requiring any additional software; however, this requires more expensive equipment. That’s why having a capture card for streamers is really important.

The Elgato HD60 S+ capture card is one of the mostly used and one of the best capture cards in the world. It is a really good capture card and you can record 1080p 60fps video with HDR 10 quality. You can play your video games really well with this capture card because it has no lag pass-through which is really good cause it doesn’t affect your gameplay at all. So, you are getting high-quality recording as well as no lag while video is being streamed to your display. It also has a flashback recording system that lets you record past footage if you forgot to turn on your recording software or didn’t turn it on. This will allow you to play video games without any lags and will let you record any clips that you get. Overall, this item is one of the most important hardware for a streamer and I would definitely recommend you to get one if the streamer you’re gifting to doesn’t already have one.

Elgato Stream Deck

If you are trying to make your stream applicable to your viewers, you need to do a lot of fancy stuff on your screen that keeps your viewers engaged. These are actions like meme videos, colorful pictures, changing angles, changing games, and other things. To do this stuff, most people set up some shortcuts from their streaming software that helps them do it. But sometimes, they end up running out of keys button while setting these up which can be kinda irritating. That is why streamers use a thing called the Elgato Stream deck. It’s basically like an external keyboard that has customizable buttons on it and you can set any actions on those buttons. These buttons are going to help you to do different actions without using your keyboard and make your stream more enjoyable to your viewers. This is why most streamers end up getting a stream deck and I think it would be a great idea if you would get this item as a gift.

The Elgato Stream Deck is an essential item for a streamer who wants to give all into streaming. The Elgato stream deck is like a keyboard that has customizable buttons on it. You can set any kind of action to those keys and when you press them, it will show them on screen. When you are trying to make your stream more enjoyable and fun for your viewers, this item can help you a lot. It has 3 different versions with 3 different amounts of keys on it starting from 6, 15, and 32. So, if you buy the biggest one, you can have 32 different buttons on it that will play different things when you are streaming which is really good because you can go all-in with 32 buttons. You just have to drag different actions on the keys in its software and you’re good to go. It is a really handy item when it comes to streaming professionally and I think it is a really good item as a gift for a streamer who is getting started.

Microphone – Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone

A microphone is like the heart of a streamer. It is basically the most important hardware for a streamer as, without it, the streamer would not be able to interact with his viewers. This will be bad because he won’t be able to communicate and create a friendly environment with his viewers which is pretty much the main goal of streaming. That is why having a high-quality microphone for streaming is really important. This will allow you to share your thoughts with your viewers which will increase your viewer’s experience. That is pretty much what every streamer wants. That is why gifting a really good microphone to a streamer is one of the best items you can gift if he doesn’t already have a mouse.

The Shure SM7B is one of the best microphones out there for streaming and podcast. It is used by a lot of the top streamers and online influencers out there because of its quality. It is a really good microphone that has everything you could expect from a microphone. You can do everything with this microphone. Streaming, podcasting, recording, studio recording anything you want. It is perfect for everything. The sound quality from this microphone is in perfect quality. That is why a lot of professional music producers and streamers use this microphone and I would definitely recommend you to get this one if you want to buy a microphone for the streamer you’re gifting to.

Green Screen

Gamers, especially those who stream on services such as need the most help they can get to become successful doing what they love most – streaming. There is a reason that most big-name gamers have a dedicated green screen behind them while streaming: it gives you tons of options to edit or create your own style with custom backgrounds and templates. Green screens are actually pretty simple if you break down the science behind them. They work off of chroma key color replacement which is a fancy way of saying “make one color transparent” in post-production editing software so you can overlay another image or video file right over it. You simply need some space (just about 2 feet) between yourself and the green screen so that Photoshop doesn’t get confused when it is trying to replace the green with your custom background. It is a really useful item and keeps everything in your room private. That’s why most streamers use a green screen if using a webcam.

A green screen is pretty handy when it comes to streaming. As I said, it helps the streamer to hide everything behind him and lets him add a lot of customization to his webcam. If you are looking for a high-quality green screen, you can take a look at the Elgato green screen. This green screen is wrinkle-resistant meaning it is perfect for camera chroma keying. It is also really easy and quick to set up and it is made out of 100% polyester. You just need to pull it up and you’re ready for streaming. It is also really light and steady. So, you can set it up whenever you want and you can put it in a corner of your room without it taking any extra space. That’s why I think that this item is going to be a really good one if you want to gift it to a streamer.


When a streamer wants to express himself more to his viewers, build a deeper connection with them, a webcam helps them a lot. With a webcam, people will be able to see a streamer when he talks with them which is even better than connecting with viewers with a microphone because people can see the streamer’s facial expression making everything he says even more meaningful. Also, it will allow the streamer to show a bunch of other things on stream like his collection, how his room looks, what stuff he uses, etc. This is why, a lot of streamers nowadays like to stream with a webcam and a green screen which is why, if you want to gift someone a green screen, you should also give him a webcam to turn it into a full set making his streaming experience a lot better.

Today, we will talk about the webcam from Logitech known as the Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam. It is a really good webcam and it’s used by a lot of streamers as their main webcam. This webcam has a privacy shutter on it. So, if your computer gets hacked, the hacker won’t be able to see anything because the shutter should be turned off. This webcam can take 1080p HD video which will allow you to stream 1080p webcam footage to your stream. Your viewers will be able to see high-quality webcam footage with this device. It also has HD autofocus and light correction mode which will give you crispy footage even in darker environments. Overall, it is a great webcam and I would definitely recommend you to gift this one if you want to gift a webcam.

Nanoleaf Panels

A Nanoleaf Panel is an LED light panel that can be mounted onto the wall. Each panel is made of 9 smaller panels. The panels are modular, so they can be combined with each other to make bigger shapes or structures. They are WiFi-enabled, so they can be controlled by an application on your phone. The main idea for having the lights was to have them react to games that you stream live on twitch or any other streaming platform. You could have the colors change depending on what state your character is in, just like the notifications do on most smartphones nowadays (HP/MP bars fading out). Having these Nanoleaf panels makes it so that your webcam is more appealing to your viewers. It also stops your viewers from getting distracted by other things. That’s why Nanoleaf panels are used by a lot of streamers.

Key Light

If your favorite streamer is streaming in a dark environment, you won’t be able to see his face making the use of a webcam completely useless. That’s why having a soft light that makes the streamer’s face visible is important as most streamers use RGB in their room instead of using normal lighting cause RGB looks cool in a dark environment. That’s why their face is dark if they use a webcam which makes using a webcam totally useless. So, most streamers use a key light to light up the environment around them. A key light emits a soft light that doesn’t hurt the streamers’ eyes but it is enough to make the streamer visible to the viewers. This is why, if someone uses a webcam for streaming, they must use a key light. So, gifting a key light can be a really good choice.

Let’s take a look at the Elgato Key Light. Looks like Elgato has taken over the streaming market at this point because of the number of Elgato products we’ve mentioned today. Anyways, this key light is app-enabled meaning you can control it via the screen for accurate real-time feedback. It is really bright. It can go up to 2800 lumens and it is adjustable. You can also fully dim it if you want to do that. It has versatile color temperatures as well. Overall, it is a really solid item to gift a streamer and I’m sure he will enjoy it.

Graphics Card

When it comes to streaming high-quality videos and having a lag-free computer, a graphics card helps the streamer a lot. A graphics card basically processes all of the graphics and animations that are generated by a program or a video game. This reduces the pressure off of the processor which helps your games to perform even better. A graphics card is really important as it helps streamers to stream high-quality video without any lag or quality loss. This way, a streamer can share every detail with his viewers while performing well and having no lag while streaming. If a streamer doesn’t have a graphics card, he faces a lot of problems that make streaming hard for him. That’s why, if you want the streamer you’re gifting to have a fun time, you should consider gifting him a graphics card.

I can’t really talk about any specific graphics card cause there are a lot of graphics cards on the market. And, the more you pay for a graphics card, the better output you get. That’s why I would recommend you to get the best one you can in your budget. If you have a really big budget, you could get the RTX 3090 Ti or you can get any you want. But apart from that, just try to get the best one you can in your budget and it should be all good.


A gaming headphone is really important hardware for a streamer. Basically, a good headphone helps a streamer in a lot of ways. If he is a gaming headphone, he can hear in-game sounds better which will increase his gaming performance making his stream enjoyable to the viewers. Also, if the headphone has a good microphone in them, he can communicate with his in-game teammates and hear his donation alerts and stream alerts better which will help him stay connected with his viewers ever easier. This is why most streamers tend to spend a lot of money on good headphones as it is a really important part of streaming. That is why gifting a streamer a good headphone can be a really good gift item if he doesn’t have a good one.

Today, we have the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphone. This headphone is one of the best ones out there for its top audio quality. The audio in this is really clear because of an extended frequency range. It is also really sturdy and comfortable which makes it a really good choice for streamers. Overall, I think that these headphones are really good for someone who wear headphones for a long time every day. So, if you wanted to, you could definitely get these as gifts.


As I always like to say, choose gifts that you think will be the best for the person. That’s because I do not know that person as you do. That’s why there might be an item in this list that the receiver does not like. I am here to give you an idea of what items you can give as a gift to different occasions like these gifts for streamers. So, before choosing an item as a gift, make sure that the receiver will like them. As always, thanks for sticking with us at the end of the article, and see you soon.

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