3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

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So, it’s been 3 years you’ve been married and you want to get 3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife?? Do you want to put a smile on her face?? Well, you can gift her in a lot of ways. But, there are certain things that will be perfect for your wife for this 3rd anniversary and that could make the bond stronger between you. We know the perfect things that could be a perfect gift for her. Here are 9 gifts that would be the best for your 3year anniversary.

9 Best 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

  1. Leather Clothing
  2. Leather Travel Bag
  3. Leather Designer Handbag
  4. Leather Bracelet
  5. Leather Woman Watch
  6. Pearl Necklace
  7. Flower Bouquet  – Sunflower and Fuchsia
  8. Diamond Ring
  9. Diamond Earrings

What to buy your wife on the 3rd anniversary??

Leather and pearls are kind of a tradition for wives on their anniversary specially their 3rd anniversary. It has become a part of the tradition from old times. In the third anniversary, your wife might ask for something that she could use to enlighten her life or use to beautify her family. That’s why, most people gift items made out of leather or pearls or expensive gemstone. People usually don’t buy expensive gemstone like diamond because they are quite expensive and they don’t match with the theme of 3 year anniversary. But still, it’s quite a good choice to gift your wife on her 3rd anniversary.

Here are 10 gifts that you can gift your wife celebrating 3rd anniversary:

Leather Clothing – Lock and Love Women’s Removable Hooded Faux-Leather Moto Biker Jacket

3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for wife

As for clothing, you can gift your wife a number of items related to clothing. Some clothing will help enchant their happiness, some will keep her warm and some will extend the bond. But this one is something else. People buy this one not just because of its design, but because it is a super comfy and perfect jacket. If you gift your wife this jacket, she can be comfy in any places any time.

If she is chilling, she can use this jacket. Talk about going on a vacation on a cold place, this will be her best choice. Even if you think you are going to take her on a date on another country, maybe a fairly cold country, this will be her best friend. This jacket comes in a lot of variation and in a lot of sizes. You can buy her this one following her choice of color and size. This can or might be the best choice for your wife on your third anniversary.

Now, let get to know the reasons why this will be the best choice as your anniversary gift:

BrandLock and Love (Quite Well Known and Famous)
Materials100% Lining Polyester, 75% Polyester, 25% Cotton (For Sweater)
Dimensions9.5 x 9.5 x 1 inches
Weight2.4 Pounds
CategoryWomen Leather Jackets
Average Rating4.5 (Amazon)

Leather Travel Bag – Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Women’s Chevron Quilted 15-Inch Laptop & Tablet Fashion Travel Backpack

After three years of marriage life, you might want to give your wife a break and let her freshen her mind. This way, she will enjoy her life much more. And, what is the best way to give her a break rather than taking her on a vacation?? Yes, this is a great idea    and you might want to do that. Well, if you are sure that you want to do that, this bag will be the best one to gift your wife.

This bag is a pure representation of fashion and design. In this bag, you can carry both your clothes and your electrical devices. This way, you can go anywhere you want with the needed things that you need. And, if you want to take her on a vacation, she will surely like to carry her favorite stuff and this bag will be the perfect one for that. Not only that, it is also best for professional. So, if your wife is a professional, this will be actually good for her. It has a fully lined interior with enough room to keep stuff. You can also keep multiple accessories in multiple zipped pockets in the bag. So, you can be ready to do anything on your trip or vacation.

The designers of this backpack designed it to fit perfectly under an airplane seat when you are traveling or on business trip. It is also suitable for commuting or as a carry-on and it can be easily stored. This backpack is lightweight and stylish which is perfect for school, college, travel, hiking, business trips, commuting to work, everyday use, outdoor activities, or even perfect as a gift.

The reason that it is the best:

BrandKenneth Cole REACTION Store(Well Known)
Materials100% Polyester,
Dimensions16” x 10”x 10” (Overall)
Weight2.15 lbs
Average Rating4.5 (Amazon)

Leather Handbag – Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel – Large Chain Shoulder Tote

This handbag is a pure representation of fashion. It is made out of full leather and it has double handles with leather and chain. People like this a lot because of its color, design and because it is made out of pure leather. And, it is perfect to gift your wife on your third anniversary. A handbag is really useful even in someone’s daily life. A woman always needs to keep a handbag with her to carry the essential items that she might need in the journey. It is not only used for fashion but also used in everyday basis.

Another reason people like this is because it is really classy. Though the price is really high, it is one you can get and it won’t disappoint you. And, if you are trying to get it as a gift, this will be the best choice. If this handbag isn’t damaged due to shipping, it will be one of the best gifts to buy your wife on your anniversary.

Reason this one is as good as the other ones:

BrandMichael Kors (Popular)
MaterialsLeather (According to manufacturer)
Dimensions14” x 10.5” x 4.5”
Weight2.15 lbs.
CategoryWomen Clothing
Average Rating4.5 (Amazon)

Leather Bracelet – KSQS Tree of Life Leather Multi-Layer Wraps Bracelets

If your budget is low on your anniversary and you are thinking of gifting her something within a lower budget but something beautiful, this will be the one for you. This one is a bracelet made out of leather and metal and it is a really beautiful one. The people who bought it liked it because of its simple design.

This bracelet is really comfortable to wear. It doesn’t fade, doesn’t have any kind of pungent smell. And, it has a super strong magnetic closure. So, you don’t have to worry about it coming off.

This will be the perfect gift if you want to impress your wife on a lower budget for your anniversary. This is the true representation of fashion in a lower budget. Personally, I like it a lot because of its simple design. And, it looks really good when you wear it. That’s why; I will recommend you this bracelet if you are on a lower budget.

Why should you actually buy it?

BrandKSQS (Popular)
MaterialsLeather and Metal (According to manufacturer)
Chain TypeBraided Chain
Clasp TypeMagnetic
Average Rating4.5 (Amazon)

Leather Women Watch – Timex Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader Quartz Analog Leather Strap Watch

Does your wife love watches?? If she does, then this will be the one for her. This watch is made out of leather and it also doesn’t cost much. And, the leather is pretty genuine. It also tells the date. And, if your budget is low, you can get her this watch.

There are a ton of people out there who like watches as gifts a lot. And, if your wife is one of them, this might be the day for you. People who bought this watch like it a lot and your wife won’t be any exception. She will like this watch very much.

People also like it because of its simple but professional looks. If your wife uses it every day, the leather strap won’t fall off which is the worst case that happens with a leather watch. And, the small size makes it really handy. But, the size doesn’t affect the way you read the time and date.

Why should you buy it?

BrandTimes (Very Well Known)
Dimensions5 x 5 x 0.7 (Inches)
Weight0.04 lbs. very light weight
Battery1 lithium Metal Battery (Included)
Average Rating4.5 (7700+ Ratings – Amazon)

Pearl Necklace – Round Cut Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Another gift that you can get your wife on your third anniversary is a pearl necklace. Now, you might say why pearl?? Well, just like leather, pearl is also another traditional gift to get your wife on 3rd anniversary. So, this is another reason that I am recommending pearl. You can also get your wife other things made out of pearl but to me, a necklace is the best.

A pearl is the signature of purity, admire and value. And, the pearl that are found in nature are better than the ones that are farmed. (In Quality) And, it also looks really good when someone wears it because of its simple design. And, the one that I am showing here has only one pearl. But, it is a pure and real pearl. And, look at its size. It’s huge. If you are thinking of getting your wife something related to jewelry, I will strongly recommend you to get this one as it is a pure example of love and purity.

But something you’ll have to consider here. If you use it too much, it can wear off. So, if you are using it a lot, be sure to stay alert or you might lose something really great.

Why people choose this one:

StoreAmazon Essentials
MaterialsPearl (Pure) and Silver
Dimensions5 x 5 x 0.7 (Inches)
Weight0.04 lbs. very light weight
ManufacturerPAJ, Inc.
Average Rating4.5 (950+ Ratings – Amazon)

Flower Bouquet – Sunflower and Fuchsia

This might sound simple but it actually isn’t. Sunflower is the symbol of love and admiration, happiness, vitality, positivism and energy. But, it shouldn’t be gifted as the only item. That’s not what it is actually for. If you are thinking about taking your wife on a date or giving your wife a surprise, this will be the one that you can include. Besides, sunflower and fuchsia is also the traditional gift for a typical 3rd year anniversary gift.

You can buy her both artificial and real flower. Where, artificial flower will stay longer, real flower will give you feelings. It’s kind of romantic. And, that’s why; I recommend you to buy flowers for any kind of 3rd year anniversary activity.

But, if your budget is actually low and your wife will accept anything you will gift her, you can gift her flower, specially sunflower and fuchsia.

Let’s know about the benefits and description of this flower.

MaterialsSilk (Artificial)
Dimensions17.7 x 4 x 12 in
Weight8.5 ounces.
Average Rating4.5 (2000+ Ratings – Amazon)

Diamond Ring – French Pavé Diamond Eternity Ring

If you really want to gift your wife something she would remember her whole life and if your budget is over the top, then you can consider buying her a diamond ring. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but if your budget is actually over the top, it will actually be a great suggestion for you. Just consider this; this item will never lose her sight, neither will you’re though from her mind will. So, I really think this is a great option to gift if and only if your budget is over the top. Maybe you want to take her on a dinner or date and you want to gift her something, this will actually be great for her. A ring is actually great.

So, what do you think?? Do you consider buying her this one?? Or are you going to buy her something else?? Maybe a diamond earring?? Well, details about a diamond necklace will be right next to this one. But, before that; let’s get to know about this product a bit more:

MaterialsDiamond and Gold
Width2.3-2.35 mm
Weight8.5 ounces.
Average Rating5 (100 Ratings – BlueNile)

Diamond Earrings – Cushion Diamond Stud Earrings

Well, if you are thinking about gifting your wife something made out of diamonds and you want to gift her earring, I would recommend you this one as it is one of the most rated earrings on the marketplace Blue Nile. This one also depends on your budget as the last one and I personally would recommend you to buy this one if your budget is over the top. You can gift your wife this one as a gift making a perfect way to make her remember you and show your love towards her.

Let’s just see what makes it so special:

MaterialsDiamond and Gold
Metal14K White Gold
Weight0.96 ct. tw
Average Rating5 (125 Ratings – BlueNile)

That was it for 3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife. I wish that you have a nice anniversary and your wife likes these gifts. If she does then I’ll be really happy. Apart from all of these, thanks a lot and see you later.


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